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2017 Volvo XC90: Great Reasons to Drive This Exemplary Utility This Midsommar

The Scandinavian design philosophies in the 2017 Volvo XC90 favors uncluttered forms, functional geometry, and a theme of the ambiance and utility of open space. Backed by rich materials at every level, the most awarded SUV of the century offers the kind of practicality to be used, and admired. So whether you choose to fill that space with the natural light of the panoramic moon roof, occupy its 85.7 cu-ft of cargo volume with gear, you’re doing it right.

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The Moments that Matter

Volvo's new advertisement really takes a toll on emotions. Watch the video above to see it with all the details, but what it comes down to is the City Safe with Automatic Braking feature saved a little girl who was daydreaming about her future. Although it may be exaggerated, things like this do happen, and safety features are the way to prevent it.

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Volvo Announces May Sales Results

Volvo Car USA, LLC, (VCUSA) recently reported that the company had sold 6,202 vehicles in the United States during the month of May and ended the month with a 12 percent sales increase versus May 2016 results.


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The XC90 was the top-selling Volvo vehicle in May, with 2,363 vehicles sold. The XC60 realized an 18.6 percent sales gain on 1,595 vehicles sold and there were 1,055 S60 models sold during the month, which resulted in an increase of 20…

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The Advantages Of Leasing Versus Buying

Leasing or buying automobiles have advantages and disadvantages. The needs of the buyer should determine whether or not a person decides to enter into the lease agreement or take out an auto loan.

Auto loans are designed for those who want to own a particular car. The loan is based on the value of the car. There are interest rates that go along with taking out an auto loan. A down payment is normally required. A large down payment assist in making monthly dues more manageable.

Car leases are cheaper than auto loans on a monthly basis. That is because…
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Take Care of Your Brakes

There are a lot of people today who want to save money on their vehicle. The best way to do this is to take care of it before the issues happen. With such a large financial investment, you need to make sure you are taking care of your vehicle in every way that you can. We can help with this process, simply because we have so much experience in this area. Not only that, getting your brakes serviced is now easier than ever. A lot of people look up to the fact that our company can get you in and…
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The Better the Oil the Better the Drive!

Have you ever heard the saying what you get in you get out? Well, the same is true for your car's motor oil selection. It's important to weigh both the pros and cons of using conventional blend motor oil and synthetic oil.

The blessings of conventional oil is that it's cheaper, dependable, and gives your car a steady dose of cleaning agents to help prevent sludge buildup in the engine. The dependable nature of conventional oil is found in the fact that its properties have been tested in the lab to help hold up under extreme conditions…
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Your Car Doesn't Want Dirty Oil

Do you clip coupons? Shop bargains? Look for sales? Even if you don't do all that, you can still enjoy the savings that clean oil brings. Huh? It's really quite simple. If you change your oil regularly, your car runs more efficiently and that saves money. Your oil is a lot like a sponge -- absorbing all the debris and contaminants that would otherwise wreak havoc on your engine.

But, there's nowhere for it to go and it eventually begins to bog down the oil in your ride. This slows it down and it can't properly lubricate…
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Cross every item off your bucket list with the Volvo XC90

Have a long and exciting bucket list? Why not cross off each of your plans with a vehicle that's capable of taking you all over the world like the 2017 Volvo XC90? You needn't look any further than our showroom floor here at Motorcars Volvo.

The Volvo XC90 is a luxury SUV that delivers style, performance, versatility, comfort and control. You'll…

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Service your Volvo before inclement winter weather

It's no secret that the winter months take a toll on our minds, bodies and our vehicles! That's why Motorcars Volvo proudly hosts an onsite service and repair center that's ready, willing and waiting to take a look under your hood before the treacherous winter weather gets the best of you.


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Preparing your vehicle for the winter months is a safe, smart and sound idea. You'll not only keep your vehicle functioning at a high level, but you'll also

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