Safety Features of the New Volvo XC90 Momentum Trim

The new Volvo XC90 Momentum Trim has become this year's popular luxury SUV due in part to all the features keeping drivers safe.

Keeping your safer on the highway, the Blind Spot Information System in your Volvo XC90 Momentum Trim monitors around your vehicle and sends a sound alert and side mirrors flashing if a car is now in any of your blind spots. You'll know the coast is clear when the warning flashing and sounds stop. 

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Taking Care of Dings and Scratches

Maintaining your car's appearance has both immediate and long-term benefits. Touch up any scratches or dings from loose gravel or small fender-benders to keep rust patches at bay and have your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Most car dealers keep an exact match to your paint on hand for situations just like this. Purchase a small bottle of matching paint and prepare the site to be painted by using a grease removing soap.

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Why Buy A Crossover?

Are you shopping for a new vehicle and are confused about what type of vehicle you are in the market for? There are a number of different options that you can choose from. If you want something smaller you can choose a sedan. For people who need weight to their vehicle and plenty of towing power, a truck or large SUV is a good option.

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How to Safely Replace a Flat Tire in Any Conditions

This guide for being able to change that flat tire will allow you to work safely and quickly so you get back on the road in less time. Turn off the car engine, place the emergency brake on, and get all your tools out of the trunk.

Loosen the lugs first on the flat tire before jacking up the car. Once loose, now jack the car only high enough so the tire clears the road. Remove all the lug nuts now, then remove the tire and place aside.  

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Signs That Your Exhaust in Your Vehicle is Leaking

At the first sign of exhaust trouble, you should have the vehicle inspected by a professional to make sure deadly gas is not leaking into the cabin of your vehicle. Here are a couple warning signs the exhaust needs to be checked by a service technician soon.

When standing at the rear of the vehicle, listen for any hissing or popping noises. There may also be a loud whistle sound that is a warning sign of bigger troubles. These sounds are indicating a leak in the line somewhere. 

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What Type of Vehicle is the Volvo XC40 Momentum?

With population density forcing more and more people into city life, car manufacturers seek niches in the market that appeal to those who drive in the city. City streets carry more traffic than town streets. The streets in established cities often require smaller, more maneuverable vehicles for the quick trip across a district.

Volvo entered this growing niche market with the compact XC40 SUV. To handle the ins and outs of city driving, Volvo included stiffer springs in the Momentum. 

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Smart and Sporty: Your 2018 S60 Dynamic

This popular compact luxury sedan is designed for those who enjoy a sporty design and the power to match. Introducing the Volvo S60, designed with the features you've come to expect from a sports car packed into a sedan.

The S60 Dynamic comes standard with leather sports seats that accent the sportscar-inspired exterior and provide added comfort. Add other standard features like the 18" alloy wheels, moonroof, and many other great features, and you’ll find a luxury sedan unlike any other. Xenon headlights light up the road ahead so that you can clearly see what’s in front…

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Choosing Roadside Emergency Kit Supplies

Are you prepared for a possible roadside emergency? Although many of us think we are, very few are as prepared as they should be. Sometimes just having some good roadside emergency supplies in our vehicle or trunk can make all the difference. Stop at Motorcars Volvo and check out what we have to offer in supplies.

Roadside emergency kits can consist of many things from simple things like drinking water and flashlights that actually have full-charged batteries to tire-repair kits, jacks and jumper cables. 

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Important Helpful Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout

The closer that you are paying attention to the treads of the car tires, the less likely they will be the cause of a tire blowout. Keep a close eye for either of these potential tire issues.

It might not appear in the moment that hitting that huge pothole caused any damage to your vehicle, but it could have knocked the front of the car out of alignment. If this is the case, the front tires are now wearing in an uneven pattern on the outer edges, increasing the chances for a tire failure. 

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Windshield Washer Fluid Serves an Important Purpose

Here at Motorcars Volvo, we know the importance of always using windshield washer fluid. It's our business to know the ins-and-outs of our cars. However, we know that many drivers in the Bedford, OH region are unaware of the damage that substituting washer fluid for plain tap water can do to your car's washer system. That's why we are eager to share our advice with you today.

Not only does washer fluid contain solvents that help it to clean your windshield far better than water, but it also helps protect your washer system from damage. 

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